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courage and grounding is the message of the turtle

the coin minted in ancient greece is considered to be the oldest coin in europe.

on the back is the so-called quadratum incusum is shown - a square stamp.

TWENTYsome necklace 20y22 turtle/ quadratum incusum 0.14 ct

SKU: 11831
  • TWENTYsome 20y22 turtle

    • 18k rose gold
    • restrike of an ancient greek coin turtle/quadratum incusum from aegina from the years 530 - 500 b.c.
    • 24 brilliants 0.14 ct tw-vsi
    • necklace 1.2 mm / 42 cm
    • diameter of minted coin approx. 12 mm
    • not available in white gold
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