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care tips

our pieces of jewelery are of the highest, handcrafted goldsmith quality and can accompany you for a lifetime with the right care.

so that you can enjoy your piece of jewelery for a long time and that it lasts for generations, you will find important advice here on proper care and storage.


please ensure that your jewelery does not come into contact with strong perfumes, soap, chemical products or cosmetics as these can affect the color and natural appearance of the materials. we recommend that you wait for your perfume or cosmetics to dry completely before putting on your jewellery.


you can carefully clean many of our pieces of jewelery yourself using lukewarm water. then dry the jewelry with a soft, lint-free polishing cloth so that no new deposits or water marks form.

please occasionally polish our silver coins with a suitable silver cleaning cloth.  


make sure that your jewelry is stored separately from each other and does not get scratched.


we also recommend removing jewelry before bathing, especially in chlorinated or salt water. they should also not be worn when sunbathing or in the sauna because of the high temperatures.

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