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dionysos is the youngest of the great gods and son of zeus and semele.

he was worshiped as the god of wine, fertility, joy and festivals.

dionysos is usually depicted with a wreath of ivy or vine tendrils and grapes.

on the back of the pendant is the standing hercules, a greek hero famous for his strength.

TWENTYsome pendant 20y20 dionysos / hercules rose gold with brilliants

SKU: 11218
  • pendant 20y20 dionysos / hercules

    • 18k rose gold
    • cast of an ancient greek coin (tetradrachm) dionysos /hercules of approx. 400 b.c.
    • 46 white brilliants 0.86 ct tw-vsi
    • diameter of minted coin approx. 32 mm
    • the chain is not included in the price
    • pendant is not available in white gold
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