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zeus - the wise, is considered the father of many gods such as apollo, artemis, dionysos and even athena.

he is more powerful than all other greek gods combined. he is considered friendly, kind, powerful, with a very clear mind.

on the back is athena standing with spear and shield.

TWENTYsome necklace 20y19 zeus / athena rose gold

SKU: 11033
  • TWENTYsome necklace 20y19 zeus / athena

    • 18k rose gold
    • cast of an ancient greek coin (stater) zeus / athena from the years 50 – 30 b.c. b.c.
    • necklace 2.2 / 45-50 cm
    • Diameter of minted coin approx. 20 mm
    • necklace is available in 18 ct white gold
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